Gallery progress…sorry for the delay

Sorry for such a long delay, but we’ve finally made some progress in getting things back online. The new software proved a lot more challenging to learn, as well as lots of personal things going on leaving little time to work on the site. The system is finally set up, so now everything will be added back fairly quickly. The forums however are proving more challenging to get back online, we may end up having to start them over.

We’re back…and being rebuilt!

Sorry for the extended outage, there is a lot to explain in this post. As most of you know, we kept had issues with the site getting hacked multiple times because the old software was insecure. I had been working on rebuilding the entire site and forums with this new software in the background and planned on launching the new site soon. Sometime in the last month, the site got hacked again, the both the old and new software got corrupted and I couldn’t access anything anymore. I was working 12 hours a day 7 days a week for the past month, so I hadn’t had time to fix or even look into anything. I’ve finally pulled down the old site completely, and will begin working on rebuilding the new version once again. This time though, since the old one is gone, I’ll just rebuild the new one on the public site. For a while there won’t be much here, but I hope to have the forums back in a few days and rebuild everything else slowly. There won’t be a dramatic relaunch anymore, but at least there will be something here instead of a blank page, and everyone can have some input in what direction the redesigned look goes in.